Case Studies


By Jessie Davies


Contact: Chief Information Officer

Service used: Contract & Permanent Recruitment

Background: The relationship for TRIA & Costa began when some of TRIA's key contacts joined the business, bringing TRIA along with them. This resulted in a partnership which progressed over multiple recruitment projects.

The situation: When tasked with recruiting several high-level positions, including multi-channel and lead architect roles, Costa realised that not only were exacting technical skills required, but also the right cultural fit for the team. TRIA understand that a positive placement is the right mix of technical skills and cultural fit. One without the other does not ensure success for our clients. So, Costa were able to trust that TRIA would deliver a candidate who was the right fit on both counts.

The approach: After an initial briefing and, thanks to their long-term relationship and experience of the market, TRIA immediately understood the brief in terms of technical skills and personal skills/cultural fit. The next steps were to work closely with Costa’s team to pull together a comprehensive brief. This enabled TRIA to go out to the market in the most efficient manner, armed with a role they were confident would be attractive to the right candidates and was consistent with the brand message and candidate experience Costa wanted to portray.

Client comments: “TRIA has always been honest and pragmatic. There is no nonsense with TRIA. They say if they can’t do it. The candidates that they have found have been high calibre and a good fit for my team. TRIA is one of these go to contacts in my network who never let me down.”

The results: After the completion of a successful project, TRIA were placed on their PSL and continued to place contract roles for Costa. All of which have come as highly regarded contractors that have been pivotal to the success of many projects, including a critical Dynamics 365 programme, and to the overall performance of the team.