TRIA's Intern: one year on

By Jessie Davies


Last year, we set out on a mission to play our part in reducing the skills shortage within tech and so, the TRIA Internship was born. Our aim was simple, to give one individual a fully paid (Bristol living wage), 6-month tech internship that didn't have the resources available to them to take on unpaid work. 

Why did we start TRIA Intern?

We understand how tech internships are an important, very valuable route into the tech space for several reasons. Outside of providing an opportunity for hands-on experience while earning a salary, interns are given an opportunity to learn on the job, in a real-world setting. Helping to bridge the skills gap that exists between what is taught in schools and what is needed in the workplace, which is especially true regarding tech, where new technologies are constantly emerging and changing.

Another important factor to consider, and one that is close to TRIA’s heart, is how tech internships help to diversify the tech sector. A once male dominated industry: internships are a great way to provide opportunities for women and underrepresented groups to enter the field and learn more about roles that previously had seemed closed off to them.

Sourcing our tech internship:

To get started we partnered with local Bristol company Data Cubed, an award-winning global data lab, who agreed to provide TRIA’s Intern with a structured 6-month program across data, development, UI and UX Design. All that was left was the right person to take on the opportunity. 

After a thorough candidate search, we excitedly welcomed Ellie Guy as our first ever TRIA Intern.

Ellie joining Data Cubed, April 2022

TRIA picked Ellie after learning about her passion for all things tech; loving nothing more than being presented with a complex problem to solve. Ellie always wanted an opportunity to work and learn at the same time as opposed to university but found it difficult to break into the industry without a degree, which lined up perfectly with TRIA’s motivations for wanting to provide this opportunity.

One year on…

It’s now been one year since Ellie was selected for Data Cube’s internship, and we couldn’t be prouder of how our initiative for TRIA’s Intern has turned out. Since completing her internship, Ellie was immediately offered a permanent position at Data Cubed. And in the time since becoming a permanent member of the team, Ellie has acted as a mentor to new interns that have joined the company, across different roles and capacities, and recently received a promotion – we’re super proud of you, Ellie!


Ellie visited TRIA Towers just this week to update us on her tech internship journey.

Ellie let us know how the experience has worked for her:

In 2022, TRIA gave me the opportunity to get into the world of data by funding a 6-month internship with Data3. 

I was looking for a way into the industry that would not require me to complete a degree, but would still be challenging and keep me learning. From the very beginning when I expressed my interest, TRIA communicated excellently. They reassured me that I was not expected to have the broad experience of a typical tech candidate. They gave me the confidence to believe that my willingness to learn was enough to lead to success in the industry. TRIA prepared me for my interview with Data3 and kept me updated throughout the decision process. 

During the internship I became proficient in Power BI and tried my hand at SQL, PowerApps and advanced DAX. The experience was tailored to fit my requirements – challenging me as well as guiding me. Early on I was able to take part in a client project which drew in revenue for the company and grew my confidence. I also created a blog of Power BI design tips which was shared on the company’s website and LinkedIn page. The blog was a marketing success, resulting in the opportunity for me to host 50 attendees in a virtual Bootcamp where I taught industry veterans how to improve their dashboards. 

My transition from academia to the world of tech was seamless thanks to TRIA’s consistent support and communication. TRIA had chosen a company with internship experience that understood the important of continuous upskilling in such a fast-growing industry, which made everything all the more easy to get to grips with. I am extremely grateful to TRIA for providing me with this opportunity, which has resulted in a permanent position at Data3 and the growing of my career as a BI Developer. 

The success of Eliie’s internship highlights the importance of investing in internship programs which provide hands-on learning, experiences, mentorship, and growth opportunities for young professionals. And continues to show in the remarkable achievements Ellie continues to achieve in her role. 

And thank you to Data Cubed, who’s commitment to nurturing and developing talent continues to help the industry by providing opportunities for young adults to access a career in tech. Watch this space for any future TRIA Intern updates!