Case Studies


By Jessie Davies


Contact: Chief Technology Officer & Executive Director

Service used: Contract & Permanent recruitment

Background: TRIA were introduced to The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) through an existing contact, following their experience of working with TRIA on successful recruitment projects in other organisations.

The situation: IPO had several positions which had been live with existing suppliers. The roles had their own challenges; each with specific, technical skillsets which IPO were finding difficult to source. After several months of their existing suppliers struggling to source candidates, TRIA stepped in to review the recruitment process and secure the talent needed.

The approach: Upon a review, TRIA quickly identified where IPO could make improvements and how these could be achieved. Some of TRIA’s solutions focused on engaging with TRIA to take full, detailed briefs directly from the hiring managers to better understand both the needs of the roles and the organisation’s culture. TRIA would then consult with the team on the reality of the market, and the availability of skills, collaboratively adjusting briefs where necessary to ensure success.

Client comments: “I had no hesitation in asking TRIA to work with my recruiting managers to help with a couple of major recruitment programmes.

I find TRIA’s motivation to be always in service of the client as well as candidate, with a phenomenal work ethic. They operate with urgency and a real desire to reduce latency in the recruitment process. They have a real appreciation of the drivers of the candidates and take care to marry them with the needs of the client.

TRIA have made a real difference to the IT team here, with them helping me to recruit members of staff at every level including a critical hire in my leadership team. They are my go-to recruitment firm because of their positivity, enthusiasm ad focus. I’d have no hesitation in using them again and again and I have no hesitation in recommending them others”

The results: TRIA stepped in and succeed where others had failed.  We implemented proper project plans for placing each role, which included a swift process for SLAs on reviewing CVs and organising interviews. This, combined with TRIA’s tenacious approach to recruitment, meant that all roles were placed in a tight 7-week time frame. The successful delivery of the project ensured TRIA became a strategic partner to IPO for their wider and ongoing tech recruitment.