George Watson


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The journey so far

Since joining TRIA in January after returning from nearly a decade of living abroad in the US I have been lucky enough to experience the full Monty of recruitment life. Within my first 6 months at TRIA, I have been able to pass probation, make lunch club and best of all basically turn my boss into an older sister.  


Simply because TRIA treats you like family. From the first interview and all throughout my first 6 months, everyone at TRIA has treated me like family, not a money maker or sales figure. Plus, the lunch clubs, TRIA socials, and the Ski Trips all help too! There’s a great work-life balance at TRIA where they fully support you with outside life events. 

Your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part about my job at TRIA is the ability to be as successful as you want. You can grow and develop as fast as you like, and TRIA is right there to support you along whichever path you decide to take. Also, having offices in the centre of Bristol makes it hard not to treat yourself at Lunch to one of what feels like a thousand top-quality restaurants. 

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of work I pride myself on being a movie buff (trying to complete Netflix), a sports enthusiast, and a proud dad to a rescue Frenchie called Stilton.