Greg Swayne


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The journey so far

Having spent four years in Bristol studying my degree in International Relations and Politics, it’s surreal to begin my recruitment career at the top in TRIA towers. Coming from a hospitality and brand management background, recruitment became the organic and obvious choice. The first 3 months at TRIA have been a welcoming and friendly experience, along the way I’ve learned A LOT and already created many great memories. 


Working with people and not products is what drew me in to TRIA. One thing I love about the industries I’ve grown in and the one I’m about to embark upon, is the full spectrum of human individuality I get to experience. By listening to people and implementing my genuine desire to help - I am ready to carve out my own path and bring success to individuals and companies alike.

Your favourite part of the job?

 Helping and enabling people in their journeys to achieve their dream Careers!


Hobbies & Interests

Outside of work you can find me exploring Bristol, Wales, and the surrounding countryside on my bike(s), Running, Hiking, Kayaking and generally being outdoors as well as listening to Music, and buying history books I’ll never read (I’m hopeful).