Harriet Kirkpatrick

Founder | Director

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The journey so far

As a founder at TRIA, I am so proud of the company we are today. The journey from a start up to a team of 40+ has been exciting and taught me so much; there have been so many highs, firsts and company records broken  (and a few lows…Covid/lockdown certainly taught me a thing or two about resilience!) but we are stronger than ever and I am so excited to see where we continue to grow from here.


When we set up TRIA we obviously wanted to build a successful business, but the culture of the company was always the most important thing to us, and still is to this day. We tie ourselves in knots to always be fair and transparent, and along with our commitment to giving everyone the best possible platform to prosper, I think this has ensured that the calibre of people we are happy to call members of the TRIA team has always remained so high. I feel very lucky to have such an incredibly talented team, all the way through the business, meaning we can keep delivering the best service and best candidates to our clients. It’s a win - win!

Your favourite part of the job?

I have been the one to keep the TRIA ship on the straight and narrow, anything 'back office' or process related is my department. While I do actually enjoy it (maybe it's the mathematician in me?), without doubt my favourite part of the job is seeing people develop and grow in their roles at TRIA. Whether it’s one of our trainees, or our senior consultants, I get the biggest kick out of their progression and successes.

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of work, I am kept (very!) busy as a mum of our two children Henry and Arabella, and enjoy family holidays, good food and a great G&T.