Sam Riley


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Your journey so far?

I was 5 years into my tech recruitment career before I joined TRIA, and like most of us, it was never something I really considered until it had already started. That very quickly went from being a last-ditch job to pay the bills when I moved back to Bristol, to being a part of my life I was proud of and genuinely enjoyed.


After a few rewarding years of building a desk and supporting some great companies scale up their tech & delivery teams, I felt like it was time for a new challenge to avoid plateauing – I’ve definitely landed on my feet.


I’ve known of TRIA for a while and they always seemed like they had it figured out. Recruitment’s a weird industry and it can eat you up if you take your eye off the ball, I think the only way to prevent that is to carve out your own style and stick to it instead of following the handbook like so many others. Taking a relationship-led approach has always been the most natural way for me, and there’s not many agencies out there that can demonstrate it works as well as TRIA do. After meeting David for that first informal chat, it was already obvious to me that TRIA’s views on how recruitment should be done aligned with my own. Once I had the chance to meet everyone it kind of hit home that this was the place to be if I wanted to progress, and that feeling’s been more than validated since I started.


Favourite part of the job?

That first placement with a new client or filling a tricky requirement is special but there's no better feeling than getting to the point in a partnership where they know they can rely on me to get the job done. It takes time to build that level of trust, but it’s always worth it. Also, I just love that I get to chat to people all day and hear how different people tackle the same challenge – it helps to paint a better picture of the market and it’s nice when I’m able to help solve some of those problems.

Hobbies & interests?

I love a gig, and I think tribute bands are a lot more fun than people make out. I also try to get to Ashton Gate for the football a few times a season – I’m an Exeter City fan really but I’m still watching ‘City’ so it’s all good. Other than that, my passions are roast dinners, the pub, roast dinners at the pub, and a few hours on the PS5 here and there.