Elizabeth Szabo

Senior Consultant

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The journey so far?

I started TRIA with no recruitment or ‘sales’ experience, but I was armed with a huge appetite to carve out a successful career for myself. I remember hearing that recruitment is rewarding in many ways, but that it is hard work and is one ‘big rollercoaster’. This phrase gets banded around a lot in this industry, and it didn’t take long in the job to understand and appreciate what this meant – and felt like. It has been one BIG rollercoaster - I’ve experienced highs, lows, loop-the-loops, and everything in between (it’s a good job I like rollercoasters!). I’ve learnt a lot, I’m still learning a lot, and excitingly I get to now share this journey with Watson, who we hired into my team at the beginning of the year. We have big ambitions and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us! 


I celebrated 4 years at TRIA in May! The TRIA I joined back when it was a much smaller team, in a much smaller and less snazzy office is now very different. Lots has changed – the people, technology, and ways of working have all changed, but what has remained very much the same is our ethos and values. When I was interviewing to step in to my first recruitment role, TRIA stood out by offering a relationship driven and collaborative approach (with one another as well as with the clients and the candidates we represent). They also didn’t believe in having heavy KPI’s and a micromanaging approach. 4 years later – this has not changed!

Your favourite part of the job?

Contradictory to what people believe, the commission is not my favourite part! Just a ‘small’ pet peeve when people automatically assume this (!) … I love the job satisfaction I get from connecting a candidate with an opportunity they can’t refuse, with my client who can’t wait to work with them! In addition to this, receiving feedback for offering a good service and experience throughout every step of the process, for both candidates and clients, also gives me a buzz! 


But formalities out the way – our TRIA socials are pretty epic!.. Even if I do say so myself as OG Social Sec, now one member of our SoCo! 

Hobbies & Interests

Annoyingly, I have so many hobbies/interests, it’s expensive and I’m constantly feeling I’m not doing enough. I enjoy anything competitive (cringe but true), working my way around the Bristol food scene, going to Yoga/Pilates, as well as the odd salsa class, and slowly completing a Level 3 & 4 in Personal Training and Diabetes and Weight Management.