Nicol Jalowiecka


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The journey so far

After graduating in summer of 2021 with a fashion design degree I spent a lot of time feeling lost as to what I want to do with my life. Making pretty lattes was no longer making the cut and with the toxicity of the fashion industry I just couldn’t see myself wanting to pursue the fashion career.


With so many recruitment companies out there, TRIA really stood out to me. With 60% of the staff being made of women I knew TRIA wasn’t like the usual recruitment companies and truly had their priorities set right. With people being right at the top. 

Your favourite part of the job?

The culture we have must be my favourite part of the job, with never ending socials, trips to King Street and the constantly flowing office banter. The managers and directors at TRIA are great, I feel so appreciated and they are incredibly supportive. 

Hobbies & Interests

Little less of me rambling about why I enjoy my job so much here’s a little bit about me. In my free time you can find me off on a hike, enjoying some nature or in one of the many independent cafes in Bristol, sipping a coffee with a good ol’ book. Considering I did a degree in fashion design, IT and tech world might not seem like the obvious pathway but so far it is definitely the right one.