Nicole Hutson


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Your journey so far?​

I joined the world of recruitment back in 2021 after working in Financial Services for just over 5 years. It was mid-pandemic and I decided that life was too short and as I wasn't enjoying my previous role, I needed a career change. I enjoyed the problem solving aspect of my previous roles and prior to working in FS I worked in sales, so I felt recruitment was a really good marriage of those skills.

I've consistently focussed on Tech & Change (both perm & contract) in my career and I'm so excited to continue my focus in the space with ownership of the end-to-end process.


I moved to TRIA at the end of 2023 and I knew early in my interview process that it was the place for me. To use an overused cliche, it really did feel like a big family with so many different character. There's trust, support and lots of laughs. Everyone works so collaboratively and lifts each other up at every opportunity. 

Favourite part of the job?​

It's such a diverse job, no two days really look the same for me! All my clients come to me with a real variety of requirements and challenges which require solutions. My absolute favourite, is working with my clients to craft solutions, especially ones that are maybe a bit outside of the box.

Hobbies & interests

I really enjoy cooking, pub quizzes and holidays (especially those that include skiing).