Introducing: Women @ TRIA!

By Jessie Davies


At TRIA, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. And a very exciting, new way, we are fulfilling this commitment is by launching our new Women in Tech Employee Resource Group: Women @ TRIA!

Our mission is to promote gender diversity in tech by leading by example at TRIA.

The tech industry has historically been a male-dominated space, seeing women and non-binary people underrepresented in tech roles. Our initiatives aim to support women in tech by providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals to connect, learn, and grow within business and the broader tech community.

The Women @ TRIA group

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to ED&I; and we’re proud to let ours do the talking for us. Strong leadership can only be demonstrated when there is a fair representation for both men and women in the workplace, and we can proudly say that two thirds of our founding team are women and over 50% of our workforce is female. We are a member of The Bristol Women in Business Charter and we prioritise promoting women in recruitment and women in tech as one of our core values, ensuring our team demonstrate our own practices and examples in their daily behaviours. 

'When I interviewed at TRIA, their gender diversity and progressive values really excited me, and they run through everything we do here. I am so pleased to be helping to lead the charge on formalising our Women in Tech efforts- the Women @ TRIA committee have so many initiatives underway already, and we have so much more coming- stay tuned!'

Charlotte Phillips, Sales Consultant & Women @ TRIA Lead

Our female representation in the team at TRIA Recruitment

Our promises to women in tech:

Our initiatives will be guided by our overarching goals of promoting gender diversity. And so, we are promising to:

1. Support our clients in building genuine gender equity and diversity in their tech teams

2. Build a network of women and non-binary people in tech, giving them access to a collaborative and active community

3. Play our part in encouraging women and non-binary people to enter tech

To support our goals, we are starting by supporting our clients in achieving gender equity and diversity in their tech teams by introducing practical and actionable techniques that our clients can adopt as their own practices, using TRIA’s successes with them as examples. For example, we understand how flexibility is a requirement for some women and working mothers pursuing careers in tech. With both our female founders, and 25% of our consultants, working part time hours to facilitate their lives and responsibilities outside of work, we are setting the example to our clients who are recruiting tech talent that it is possible to successfully do the same.

We also recognise that to play our part in encouraging women and non-binary people to enter careers in tech, we need to help spread awareness on the opportunities that are available, outside of the perceived norm. Starting by visiting local schools, ensuring that it’s understood how accessing a career in tech isn’t limited at any age, or stage. An additional way we have already contributed to helping women successfully accessing the tech industry is by starting our initiative “TRIA’s Intern”, playing our part in reducing the skills shortage within IT, understanding the need for more representation in the tech sector. As a result, we selected Ellie Guy to take part in a fully paid, 6-month tech internship at data company, DataCubed. Which consisted of a structured 6-month program across data, development, UI and UX Design. Leading to Ellie successfully completing the internship and securing herself a permanent role at the company.

And finally, to help foster a collaborative community within out network of women and non-binary people in tech, we have started hosting our monthly Women @ TRIA networking events: providing opportunities where women in the industry can meet and connect with each other. Driving advocacy and awareness

Could you help Women @ TRIA? 

We are incredibly excited to launch Women @ TRIA. This initiative is a crucial part of our commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry, and we believe that the Women @ TRIA will provide a valuable resource for women in tech to develop professionally, connect with each other, advocate for gender equality in the workplace and understand the opportunities available to them.

We are always open to collaborating with people in and around Bristol to help maximise the work we do. If you think we could work together on a project, please get in touch!