Case Studies

The Body Shop

By Harriet Kirkpatrick


Contact: International Head of Digital and Customer Systems

Service used: Permanent & Contract recruitment

Background: TRIA were first referred to The Body Shop by a contact who had previous experience of working with TRIA. And so, based on the quality of our delivery, recommended us for their challenging recruitment project.

The situation: The Body Shop had struggled over the course of a few months to fill a highly technical role which required a specific technical skillset and was in high demand in the market. The challenge lay in being able to attract candidates with the necessary combination of specialist skills to work in a permanent role in the location and on the salary advertised. This was a key hire, and so the struggle to hire was impacting the tech team.  

The approach: TRIA consulted with the client on the availability of suitable candidates and used our expert knowledge of the market to put forward ideas on how they might be able to flex the job spec without compromising the outcome for the business. TRIA wanted to give confidence in the choice of candidates being delivered right from the start to help minimise what can be a very time-consuming process. TRIA put into action our core values of dedication to delivery and committing to filling those hard to fill tech roles that others can’t.

Client comments: "Recruitment can be a time-consuming business but TRIA make it as easy as can be. They take the time to understand the role fit and the team fit, to make sure we get the best person for the job. They achieve a higher quality of candidates onto a shortlist than most. TRIA are a joy to work with."

The results: They are clear to see. In just 3 weeks TRIA secured a strong placement for the challenging role, which had been open with their previous suppliers for months. TRIA were added to the PSL and have gone on to recruit for more high-demand tech, permanent and contract positions at The Body Shop. Maintaining a positive, ongoing relationship for other recruitment projects across The Body Shop's IT and Digital functions, helping them deliver to the wider business.