Scaling for growth in 2024

By Jessie Davies


Tech hiring in 2024

As we settle into the year, organisations find themselves making their plans for tech hiring in 2024. Alongside this, employees also often find themselves contemplating fresh beginnings. For many, this translates to the enticing prospect of a new job, which can open a unique window of opportunity. January already has companies anticipating the exciting challenge of team expansion in the coming year, as recruiting and hiring statistics for 2024 show that the job market is still competitive, leveraging enthusiasm surrounding new year's resolutions can ensure your recruitment efforts are aligning with common career aspirations. 

If you are is gearing up for growth, taking advantage of the new year is always a smart idea. Here we’ll look at the pivotal steps that companies with growth goals can take to ensure a seamless and successful expansion into the year.

Successful team growth: how to create a hiring plan

  • Understand your Employee Mindset:
    During this time, the inclination to seek change and growth in the new year is quite common. By acknowledging the appeal of a fresh start, and the desire for new challenges and opportunities, your business can work to find the talent you need for your organisation. 
  • Proactive workforce planning: 
    When considering how to create a hiring plan, you can help stay ahead of the curve by forecasting the demand for specific skills and roles in our ever-evolving market. If you tailor recruitment strategies to resonate with unsettled candidates seeking more alignment with their personal values and by considering industry trends that may influence the talent landscape, you can guarantee your objectives aren’t affected by lack of talent. Essentially ‘right message, right place and right time is key’. 

  • Strengthen your employer brand: 
    By elevating your company's employer brand, you can attract top-tier talent. Having a strong understanding of your company culture, values, and commitment to professional growth and development, and the ability to articulate it as such, will ensure your hiring efforts find the right people for your teams.
    Learn more on what an EVP strategy is, here. 

  • Building relationships that go beyond the C.V and the here and now:
    Go beyond traditional recruitment approaches and ensure that personal connections are fostered with potential candidates. Emphasise the value of each employee's unique journey and keep in touch with top talent, even if there is no role for them right now. 

  • A seamless application process: 
    Once your hiring strategies and goals are outlined, it’s imperative to ensure your application process is simplified. Mirroring the enthusiasm of candidates that are excited by you as a potential destination is key to securing the best talent. Most recruitment businesses would agree that anecdotally slow recruitment processes are the number one cause of failure in securing top talent. 

Scaling teams for success in 2024

As organisations step into the new year, utilising recruitment partners such as TRIA will play a pivotal role in driving hiring success. The new year brings us into a new hiring landscape, and working in partnership with recruitment experts will ensure that you don't miss an opportunity to identify new hiring trends, connect with the sector's top talent, or adopt new recruitment processes which can amplify and accelerate your hiring plans. Giving your organisation the competitive edge in today's job market.