Case Studies


By Jessie Davies


Contact: Head of Digital Project Delivery

Service used: Campaign Recruitment & Managed Services

Background: TRIA were invited to tender for a permanent recruitment campaign at SGN off the back of a long-term relationship with a senior member of their tech team. They had recently joined the business but had previous first-hand experience of the quality of our results from working together in other organisations.

The situation: SGN were looking to source a partner for a high-volume recruitment campaign to bring 44 permanent hires into SGN’s newly defined IT organisation, and all within a tight 6-month timeframe. TRIA were invited to pitch against 7 other recruitment agencies who were existing incumbent suppliers to SGN.

The approach: TRIA proposed a plan to utilise their expertise and drive the campaign by offering a weekly onsite presence supported by a scalable delivery team, whilst being mindful of keeping costs as low as possible. TRIA focused on engaging with SGN to take full, detailed briefs directly from the SGN tech team, to get a better understanding of the technical needs and the demands of the business. This would then help TRIA provide feedback on the skills of the candidates available, as well as adjusting any briefs where necessary to ensure success. TRIA created ‘candidate packs’ on behalf of SGN to ensure a consistent brand message was taken to the market, and to heighten the candidate experience.

Client Comments: “SGN have been working with TRIA since 2018, when they were awarded exclusivity for a 44-role recruitment programme. TRIA won this tender process by a combination of a strong professional approach to the bid, along with a competitive commercial position. The quality of the candidates has been excellent, helped by clear role descriptions and face to face briefings with the recruitment consultants involved in the searches. In addition, TRIA have had a consultant (sometimes two) on-site at least one day each week to facilitate the process, ensure the service meets expectations and deal with any issues. All in all, this service has been excellent, and the recruitment campaign has been a major success.

On a personal level, I have dealt with the three TRIA Directors for over ten years now, working with them with a major UK clothing and food retailer under a different brand. I have been extremely impressed by their integrity and commitment and have never had an issue with any services provided. Candidate quality has been consistently good, and for me it was an easy decision to include them under the TRIA brand when we went out to tender for the SGN recruitment work. Their approach: getting to know the company culture, understanding the recruiting managers’ objectives and priorities and generally being available at all hours, has resulted in a close working relationship which I would dearly love to see replicated elsewhere in our vendor estate.”

The results: TRIA successfully delivered the recruitment campaign to the tight deadlines and all 44 heads were appointed within the 6-month time frame. Leading to a great partnership over the last 4 years, where we have become their go to supplier for both permanent and contract tech recruitment, consistently delivering the quality-of-service SGN have come to expect of us.