TRIA’s charity cookoff: our culinary clash at 'Come Curry with Me'

By Jessie Davies


In the spirit of camaraderie and competition, Team TRIA decided to host a sizzling event that brought together employees in a delicious clash of culinary creativity – our "Come Curry with Me" cook-off!

This flavourful affair wasn't just about impressing taste buds; it was an opportunity for teamwork, friendly rivalry, and most importantly, giving back to the community. Our team members each paid an entry fee to take part in our cook off competition, which saw our donations split into a prize fund and donations for our charity partner, The Nelson Trust! The Nelson Trust is an organisation that bring belief, hope and long-term recovery to lives of those affected by addiction and multiple disadvantages. And we are committed to helping them continue the work they do, and this fundraising activity is just one of the team’s efforts to ensure that keeps happening.

Once our teams were divided up, each had the freedom to choose their curry recipes and how they wanted to present their dishes to our judging panel. Bringing forth a variety of flavours and cooking styles from traditional Indian curries to innovative fusion creations and "Around the World" themes - this cook-off sure did showcase the secret talents hidden in our team!

The teams spent weeks planning, shopping for ingredients, and perfecting their recipes and entertainment in anticipation of the big day. Our panel of judges were then treated as culinary experts and had the delicious task of tasting each curry creation. Each team was marked on these important criteria:

  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Adventurous
  • Allergy/dietary requirements
  • Team involvement

    Group photo of team together at a cook off, stood next to counter top in kitchen area Group photo of team members around counter top with curry dishes being served two team  members handshaking over curry dish
    And after much deliberation and even the odd Hollywood handshake, the winning team was crowned and awarded their prize at our TRIA Christmas Party!

    "Come Curry with Me" was more than just a competition; it gave the team a chance to work together, to indulge our competitive streaks and also give back to our community by donating to our charity partner – a win win all around.

    Keep your eyes peeled for our next cook-off inspired fundraiser, and head to our Instagram page to see a bit more of Come Curry With Me in action!